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Case Study: $6,868 in 33 days! – Busy Mom to Entrepreneur in 1hr/day

Cha-ching! Nothing sounds better than hearing a high-ticket order come-in after a long day chasing after the kids and not thinking about work. That’s what Tiffany, a mother of three, ages 8, 6 and 2 yrs, experienced multiple times in her first month after launching her High-Ticket Dropshipping store using our Dropship Cookbook method.

While Tiffany had already launched a low-ticket (products less than $200) dropship store before finding Dropship Cookbook, she was having a hard time finding success with low-profit margins.

I had been dropshipping home decor, which has such slim margins, I ended up losing money on a few. It was around this time that I saw an ad "join this free webinar" for high-ticket dropshipping. After watching, I thought "well duh!" Why wouldn't I sell something with far better margins? It made so much sense to me!

She decided to join Dropship Cookbook and follow through with our no-BS guidance step-by-step, which was exactly what she was looking for.

They were open and genuine and their knowledge was exactly what I was looking for. Sarah has such a knowledgeable background. I wanted a teacher, not a cocky show-off who never quite tells you how to "get" there.
[ we couldn’t agree more! ]

Tiffany did struggle initially with niche selection, common when you’re switching mindsets from cheap to expensive products, but that definitely didn’t stop her. Knowing she needed help moving forward, Tiffany made the investment in our 1-on-1 Mentorship to get her back on track.

Sarah has been so kind, and so willing to help me explore niches, giving me more ideas to add to my current niche. Most gurus string you along with little bits, just enough to keep you wanting more. Sarah just tells us! She isn't baiting us. Her mentoring has given me so much confidence!

Now that she’s been launched long enough to see whether her journey was worthwhile - what does she have to say about her journey.

DO THE COURSE! Every part. Don't stop once you go live. Keep going. There is more to learn after launching. Sarah gives us her knowledge, her experiences. Following the course exactly as it is written eliminated so many problems. I even used this course to make my low-ticket store better.
[ that’s right, the optimization techniques we teach will help! ]

Ever the helper, she’s been posting her sales screenshots to motivate us all and we can’t get enough. Tiffany continues to work on her site, there’s always something that can be improved - optimizing her Product Pages, and her Google Shopping Ads - which was a big concern for her in the beginning.

I would have struggled to try to figure out Google Ads... I would not have made sales without guidance. But I feel really confident with Google Ads now. The hour a day I spend on my site is usually tweaking my Google Ads Negative Keywords.

My margins were better in 33 days than they were over the year I was running the low-ticket store!

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