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Niche Idea: Hotel Management / Hospitality Supplies


Today was my birthday, yay, another year wiser! Anyhow, my Mother came down for a special visit. As I was at my Mom’s hotel, waiting for her in the lobby for what seemed like forever… I saw the Bellhops do what looked like a coordinated dance with the luggage carts as they navigated the field of tourists checking in. That got me thinking, I wonder how much those Luggage carts cost? Hint, they’re in our price range!

Feel free to run the numbers anyone on this niche idea… Yes, even on my bday I am thinking about niche-ideas!

My list of high-ticket Hotel Management/Hospitality Supplies:

Bellhop/Luggage Carts $400 – $1,400

Housekeeping/Maid Carts $250 – $500

Ice Machines $2,000 – $4,000

Laundry Carts 

Commercial Vacuums 

Room Safes 



Dropshipper I found:

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